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Whois ikoon

Established in 2019, ikoon, is actually rooted in the IT Solution sector way back in 2016 and IT Retails from as far back as 2009 but has now branched out to many other fields.

As a parent company venturing into multiple industries, we cater to specific needs such as IT Services & Retail, Corporate IT Solutions, Office Space, Work Space, Photography, Videography, Drone Services, Apparels, Concierge Services, and many more that may come in the future.

Gamer Workspace

Our Journey

It's just two blokes providing technology services to various companies, from selling tech stuff to maintaining tech support to providing tech solutions.

It was a different name back then but that's how we started. And it's been more than 7 years going.

Top manager office

ikoon was born

In 2019, there was so much more we wanted to do, that we needed a new name to represent the new us.

A name that I don't really recall how it was brainstormed, but this name was very important to me. It was awe-inspiring and it was magical.

With just one word, ikoon, it could inspire so many ideas out of nothing so many times, that I just knew it, that this name was the name for me. A name that can keep me inspired, to bring forth a desired future and deliver it.

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