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CBMT Athletes
Trail Run Challenge 2021
Saeh Challenge

Challenge Date: 05th September 2021
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Contact Details:

Shahrin (CBMT): +673 834 9001

Hj Khai (BDUTM): +673 867 4277


Chainblock Muay Thai


Supported by:

Hj Khai Event Mangement

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Race Details

Route: Bukit Saeh Full Route

COT: 3.5hrs

Registration Fee:

1) BND 25.00 (Medal Only)

2) BND 40.00 (Medal / Event-T)

Prized award for TOP 5 in each categories


- Event T (Reg option 2 only)


- Finisher Medal

Bukit Saeh Full Route Map for #CBMT2021
Registration Details:
Opens: 1st May 2021
Closes: 20th June 2021

Register Here:
Waiver Forms:

This form is compulsory to be filled, signed and returned to the organizer during the BIB collection period.

Click Here to download the Waver Form.

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Shirtz & Sizes:

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Rules, Regulations, T&C:
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