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Positions 1: Office Cleaner (Freelance)

The job is to clean an office space in Kiulap Commercial Centre, once or twice weekly only.

Available Position: 2 - 3

Scope of Work:
- General Cleaning / Wiping / Dusting / Sweep / Mop / Vacuum
- Window Cleaning
- Clean Toilet / Pantry
- Sweep/Wash Corridor& Stairs
- Trash disposal (to nearby dumpsite)

- Refilling supplies such as Toilet Paper / Washing Detergent

- Notify Management of deficiencies or repairs required.

- Kiulap Commercial Centre, near Lof Bakery / Higher Hotel

- Once or Twice, Weekly (upon request)
- No Transport Problem / Walking Distance
- Clean & Fast work
- No experience is required
- Independent, Reliable, Punctual, and Trustworthy
- Health & Safety Awareness.

- Fully Vaccinated and ART Kit tests every working week


- Starts in March/April.
- Tentatively only on Wednesday & Friday/Saturday.
- Working hours and after working hours may be available.

- $8 to $15 per session depending on which day the assignment is (different workload)


- Cleaning Equipment and Materials will be provided.
- Paid by per session for freelance work.
- Per session can be finished within 30 to 60mins and not exceed 120mins.
- Finish early, leave early.
- No supervision during cleaning session.
- Training/Orientation will be provided if inexperienced.

Is this job for you?

Apply below:

- Fill in the Application Form below to apply.

Application Notes:

- Short-listed applicants will be contacted via Whatsapp.
- Ensure your number is reachable via WhatsApp text.

For more info:

- You may also WhatsApp +673 8376119 for further inquiries.

Application Form

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