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A portable kit that produces chlorine dioxide gas which is 99.9% effective for reducing bacteria & viruses! Carry it with you to provide you with 24 hours sterilization and deodorization all around you!


Approved and certified by FDA, EPA, WHO, CDC.
It has been reportedly proven the effectiveness against COVID.
-Corona-virus 229E
-Proven 99.9% kill bacteria


MEDiSTiCK Plus Life Span?
Refrigerator 40-60 days
Aircon Temperature 40-60 days
Outdoor Temperature 10-15 days

Please avoid direct exposure to sunlight as heat will shorten the life span of MEDiSTiCK Plus.


4 main functions in a single stick!

✅99.9% Sterilization
✅99.9% Strong Airborne Sanitization
✅99.8% Deodorant Against Bad Smell
✅Remove Molds and Keep Your Food Fresh Longer


Bulk Order

For Bulk orders above 50pcs, there is a discounted pricing.

Please WhatsApp to confirm.

MediStick Plus+


    To order, Whatsapp 8376119.

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